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Magdalena submits her PhD thesis

Congratulations to Magdalena Urbanska on submitting her PhD thesis on Optical Coherence Elastography of the Vitreous Humour. Vitreous humour is a gelatinous substance inside the human eye that is very difficult to assess due to its location and near-transparent properties. Most of the methods extract the vitreous humour to measure its properties. Still, such a procedure affects the collagen network of that medium, changing its mechanical properties and making it difficult to measure the influence of diseases. The method that she developed using the Optical Coherence Tomography system (an ophthalmological tool mainly used to study the eye) can be applied to all-optical and mechanical spectroscopy study of the vitreous humour. Such a method could measure the effect of different diseases on this part of the eye in a non-destructive way.


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