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A "lockdown" paper

How productive can you be during a lockdown? Well, productive enough to publish a scientific paper for example. Sylwia Kolenderska and Frédérique Vanholsbeeck had written up their results on using quantum technologies to enhance Optical Coherence Tomography imaging as a manuscript and submitted it to Optics Letters the evening before the first Level 2 restrictions came into effect. Now, nine long weeks after that, the very same manuscript - OK, not the very same, but of course with corrections made after the reviewing process - is waiting for the publication in Optics Letters. If you are curious what a lockdown paper looks like, you are more than welcome to read it here. The presented research was possible thanks to Dodd-Walls Centre New Ideas Fund and carried out in collaboration with Piotr Kolenderski, the head of SPA Lab in Toruń, Poland, who provided support on the "quantum" matters of the project.


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