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Switzerland in September

This September Fang Ou will be heading to the 11th EXCITE Summer School on Biomedical Imaging, held at ETH Zürich, the University of Zürich, and the University Hospital Zürich in Switzerland. Cutting-edge techniques based on a wide range of image-formation mechanisms – including magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, infrared and optical microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray imaging – will be discussed focusing on multimodal and multiscale imaging methods and supporting technologies such as computer-aided image analysis and modeling.



This is a prestigious and intense two-week course which is restricted to only 50 students globally and includes not only lectures but also practical sessions and industry visits. Her participation is partially funded by a Dodd-Walls Centre travel grant.

En route to Switzerland, Fang will visit Dr Vanholsbeeck who is on sabbatical in Brussels, Belgium, and research colleagues in Paris, France.


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