Applications for Summer Research Scholarships now open

Summer research scholarships are a great way to gain valuable research experience with leading researchers at the University of Auckland. The biophotonics group have the following available summer research projects that would enhance your research skills in several fields of biophotonics and prepare you for a successful postgradua te study. Bacteria Characterisation using optics and microfluidics In this project, the student will work with an optical set-up that collects fluorescence spectra from bacteria. Hence, the student completing this project will develop skills with optics, microfluidics and microbiology. The lab work will be completed in the biophotonics laboratory of the physics dep

Associate Professor Frédérique Vanholsbeeck appointed Senior member of OSA

Congratulations to Associate Professor Frédérique Vanholsbeeck on being made a Senior member of the Optical Society of America. This designation is recognition of Frédérique's contributions to OSA, research and education within optics and photonics, and improving equity, diversity and inclusion within the optics and photonics field. Frédérique was nominated for this position by Dr. Cushla McGoverin.

Biophotonics Group Lunch

The biophotonics group gathered for a group lunch after New Zealand became covid-free. We were all happy to be together again after several weeks of lockdown.

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