Dodd-Walls Centre Commercialisation Ideas Competition Win

Fang Ou (Rachel) was one of two winners of the Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies Commercialisation Ideas Competition. ​ Fang presented her pitch to a panel of expert investors and was judged on the pitch as well as the novelty and commercial potential of the idea. Through the competition, Fang learnt to see her research from a new and commercially oriented perspective, and about presenting and pitching ideas outside the usual academic circles.

Gender Summit Europe

Frederique attended the 9th Gender Summit, entitled "Gender-based research, innovation and development for sustainable economies and societal wellbeing", in Brussels, Belgium 8-9 November 2016. The Gender Summit is a platform for evidence-based and consensus-focused dialogue between scientists, policy makers, gender scholars, and key stakeholder groups in science endeavours. The Gender Summit Europe 2016 coincided with important policy developments in Europe and globally that look towards science knowledge and technological innovation to create a better future for all. Significant here are: the new EU Gender Action Plan and Horizon 2020; the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the African Unio

New Return on Science project makes appointments

Congratulations to Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck who recently won Return on Science investment for a new project to speed up prototype device development in the FoodSafe programme. The new project, entitled Optrode, has enabled the recruitment of Dr Julia Robertson (top) to perform microbiology tests and obtain robust data sets for use in calibration and to increase accuracy, and Joni White (bottom) to help design and test a microfluidics system for sample preparation. Julia has just completed her PhD using antimicrobial surfaces to help prevent the spread of bacteria. This form of infection control is particularly relevant to hospitals, where bacteria are spread by contamination of surfaces an

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